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Your Transmission Repair Specialists

We Specialize in Installation, Overhauls, Diagnostics, & Maintenance

Keep your vehicle running smoothly with expert automatic and manual transmission repair and overhauls from our auto shop in College Station, Texas. Transmission Specialties, LLC specializes in a wide array of services for your vehicle's brakes, transmission, and drive train. Contact us at (888) 441-3193 for details about our transmission overhauls and diagnostics.
Terrific Transmission Work
Extend the life of your transmission by bringing it into Transmission Specialties, LLC for work. We drop the pan and check your transmission; our staff then puts in new fluids, a filter, and then seals it back up with a new gasket. This service comes with a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind.
Transmission Overhauls
Don't trust anyone else except Transmission Specialties, LLC with your transmission overhauls. Our mechanics are experienced experts and will carefully remove your transmission, steam clean the whole unit, inspect every part of it for issues replacing parts as needed, put it all back together with new filter, seals, gaskets, and then add a torque converter. The transmission is carefully reinstalled in your vehicle and filled with fluids.  After all the work is done, we personally test drive it and put our scanner on it to ensure that everything is running properly.
Transmission Diagnostics
Make sure your transmission is working properly at Transmission Specialties, LLC. Our transmission diagnostics are perfect for finding any potential troubles early before they become a costly breakdown. This service takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. We provide a free test drive with our electronic diagnostic scanner as well.
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